Monday, September 17, 2012

Combat Against Pests

The ants go marching seven by seven, hurrah, hurrah
The ants go marching seven by seven, hurrah, hurrah
 Summertime has come 
and in some instances 
has passed.  
Those little pesky ants 
seem to linger on 
as the reminder 
that summer was once upon us.

Combat Source Kill Max
will definitely help you 
take control of your own household!

 The first product that I was given the opportunity to try out were
the ant bait stations.
You can put these child proof stations anywhere in your house, I preferred to put them in areas of high ant traffic.
Inside these stations are chemicals that are designed to attract the ant to them, 
they see it more as a sweet treat that they can take back to their home.
We all know what happens after that.

The second product
is  a gel that comes in syringe form.
You open the end and go along desired areas 
allowing the droplets of gel
to do their work.
Again, the ants will see it as a tasty treat that they can share with their fellow comrads.

I absolutely loved both of these products and noticed a huge change 
within a few days.
Please note that if you have an extra heavy ant flow
you might want to do a couple applications.

The ants go marching seven by seven,
The little one stops to go to heaven
And they all go marching down around the town

***As a Purex Insider I was given the opportunity to review these products for free.  I will not be compensated in any other way.  All opinions in this post are solely based on my own personal opinion.  Thanks for reading!***

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