Monday, September 17, 2012

A Natural Beauty

I am one of those women who,
once I find a brand of cosmetics that I enjoy
I tend to try and stick with only that company.

The problem? 
Well, just because you think that you love that company and their products
does not mean that you will never love another company's products 

Thank you Mia Mariu for changing my mind on that!
As a future cosmetologist, I should definitely be more open to trying new things!
It all goes back to a saying that my grandmother used to say;
"Try it, You'll Like it."
Thanks grandma for your wonderful words of wisdom!

Mia Mariu 
is a Botanical Skincare Company, 
the coverage of the products that I tried;
words do not even express how awesome the coverage was.
Okay so enough of me gabbing, 
let's talk products!
Luminous Lip Gloss Dulzura
The first product that I received was the
when I applied the color to my lips it was very natural.
I have found that with a lot of different lip glosses
they tend to be a little more stickier, 
this Luminous Lip Gloss 
is by far very light
and you can't even tell you are wearing it.
This shade in particular 
for the most part leaves you with a glossy shine.
It is perfect for everyday wear
and still classy to wear on a night on the town!
I am definitely one of those women who 
loves loves loves 
to wear lots of color around the eyes 
so throwing in a more natural lip color I feel has helped improve the look of  a lot of styles that I tend to use!
for my ultimate favorite product, thus far...
Drum Roll Please!
Perfecting Finish Mineral Foundation Vainilla
I absolutely LOVED Mia Mariu's 
Recently I had become a fan of pressed powder foundations
only for the fact that the liquid foundations
were starting to clog my pores and it just felt heavy on my face.
This Mineral Foundation is absolutely amazing, 
let me just say this, 
a Little goes a long way.
When my mom and I were testing this color to our skin tones, she pumped a little bit on to her hand and it just kept spreading. 
Once evenly placed on your skin it has full coverage.
Have problem areas?
No worries!
This Mineral Foundation 
has got you covered
As a general rule, while applying my regular foundations
I am never happy with the results, 
I look cakey, orange, and my problem areas seem to be exaggerated more
so I started using concealer
a LOT 
of concealer.
Once I started using Mia Mariu's Mineral Foundation
I was able to put the concealer
at the bottom 
of my make up tote.
What's even more great about this product is that it still allows your pores to breathe 
if you have issues with acne like I do
this product will become your 
best friend.
The Complete Look
 So now you want to keep up to date with all the latest 
Mia Mariu
Of course you do.
Be sure to check out 
and for all of us Pinheads out there
*** Mia Mariu sent me these products in order to write the review, I have not and will not be compensated in any other way for this review.  Everything written is solely based on my own personal opinion and has not been influenced in any other way***

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Kricket Fountain said...

Okay, so, I've wanted to try Mia Mariu products for awhile, I'm so excited for the current giveaway�� I want to try everything lol, but mainly the Mineral Cream or Liquid Foundation, Concealer and Powder, the RestauraCel C Microdermabrasion(actually, the entire Revitalizing Canvas Collection), Mineral Blush in Maria Bonita, Luminous Lip Gloss in Dulzura, Adorame and mm Magia Perfume, the Natural Colon Detox Supplement & the No. 10 Secret Weapon Brush. I know, I know...thats ALOT! I really hope to get to try everything soon, any suggestions on the products I'm interested in? Maybe ill win the giveaway��