Thursday, August 23, 2012

Easy Canvas Prints Review

What is a Better Way to Keep One of Your Special Memories
Extra Special?

Do you have a Memory Captured 
that you would 
Love to have a
Put on Canvas?

Then you need

Putting Your Image on a canvas 
is as easy as
1, 2, and 3.

You Upload Your Image
Choose all the fine Details
Set up your Billing and Shipping Info.

Simple Right? 

I absolutely loved working with this company in order to produce this review, 
while trying to get everything set up for it, 
I ran into several issues.
I would like to make one thing clear to you, 
the issues I was having, had nothing to do with them
they were all issues with the images I was selecting
and in the process
the awesome staff 
was trying to help me out to ensure that I was completely satisfied with the product.

I would highly recommend having an actual copy of the image you are wanting done, 
this way you can scan it into the computer and upload from there.
My issue was that, 
my image was one I had downloaded off of facebook
so that quality was not up to par
and to top that off I had tried 
doing some photoediting 
which also decreases the quality.

The image that I had selected was one that I felt very strongly about getting done
so I finally just uploaded the original download and told the staff to go ahead and process it.
 I had no idea what I was going to be getting, 
I can tell you that once I opened the package
I was still pleased with the quality of the image.
I decided that if I was this happy with an image that wasn't up to quality
then the images that are up to perfect quality would 
probably look amazing! 

Photos on Canvas make an awesome addition to your wall or are even perfect as a gift! 
Don't forget to check out their Signs as well!

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