Sunday, May 13, 2012

IHOP Away!

As a general rule, I feel that my reviews are pretty positive.  In fact so far I have not come across a product that I have not liked. 

On Friday, however, my family and I had a restaurant experience that was too horrible to not write a review for.

If you have ever visited or ever happen to visit Topeka, Kansas you might not find much more to do besides eat.  Topeka, in fact, has an abundant amount of restaurants from sit down dining to car side service. 

On Friday, May 11, my parents, myself, and my oldest two children decided that we were craving breakfast food, so we decided that IHOP was the perfect place to go.  Wow, were we wrong!

First, we all place our orders, the waitress repeats the order back and everything appears to be fine, unfortunately this day, the cooks must not of been on their "A Game" apparently to them, don't overcook the bacon, meant to cook it extra longer, and they also gave my mom stuff she hadn't ordered.  This was something as simple as getting new slices of bacon, and extra food? Who's going to complain about that?  Then while my 4 year old is eating her eggs all of a sudden she is pulling something out of her mouth.  I grabbed it from her and it was in fact a piece of steel wool.  Now, I work in a kitchen, and I definitely do not use a steel wool pad to clean the grill, that is what grill pads are for, I don't know the techniques they use in that kitchen, but either way I would think that they would of noticed it was just chillin on the grill, I am just thankful that my daughter was old enough to get it out of her mouth before she swallowed it.  Needless to say, the manager was again, kind about it, he did offer to get my daughter something else, but I'm sorry, no, I don't really want to see what else she might pull out of something else they serve her.  Also, they were kind enough to remove her meal from the bill.

To top off this dining experience, there was a group of I will assume teenagers that came in they were loud enough as it was, they sat at the tables right behind us, all of a sudden, there was another group of teens that came in to join them, they got louder, in fact this was such an event that these girls felt the need to get out of their seats and crowd around our table, they were almost sitting on our table, this is how inappropriate this whole situation was, did the adults with them say anything? Of course not.  Did the management say anything? Nah, family dining, what is that?

You could tell everyone at my table was getting irritated, we couldn't even have a conversation because we would have to try and yell over these girls.  Then you add the fact that I am slightly chlosterphobic, (I can sit in a booth but I need to have the open space on the outside of the booth, once that gets crowded, I get angry), needless to say, I said something, I politely raised my voice at them to move away from our table.  Yes, I got the look of death, but we all know that teenage girls have attitude problems. Soon after that the girls left, without eating, and the ones that were there to eat sat down.

I realize that some might not think this is something to add to a review of a restaurant, but in all actuality, it is a big deal! As a server, I understand that I am going to get tipped based on service and customer satisfaction of the overall dining experience.  Therefore, if I would of been the manager or the server of IHOP I would have seen what was going on, walked over and asked them to quiet down and move out of the area of the other diners.  You can not take away a dining experience from the other diners!

This was probably the worst experience I have had at any restaurant, unfortunately, the past several times that I or my parents have gone to IHOP things just seem to keep getting worse.

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