Friday, May 25, 2012

I Apologize

To My Readers,
I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that now when leaving a comment on here that I had to Enable the Captcha Setting.  I know how a lot of people hate having to deal with it, however, I have had some of the most outlandish comments coming through by "Anonymous" users who I am going to believe that they are the wonderful Spambots.  I apologize if this becomes an inconvenience!



kimba88 said...

You can refuse anonymous comnents without enabling captcha..but i totally understand.

Jennifer said...

Believe me, I did consider that option, however, due to some of my Reviews, for example, the SpermCheck Review and a couple reviews I have coming up that have giveaways, I feel that those types of things, the Readers should have the option of being anonymous. Once, I am finished with those reviews, I will probably change it so that the anonymous feature is disabled. Thanks for being understanding!

Kim said...

Hey, it happens...don't feel bad. YOu're still awesome!!!


PS - I do a lot of blog hopping and it seems everyone is using it.

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