Friday, April 6, 2012

Food Tracking App "My Fitness Pal"

 ok, so I cheated a little to get my F for the day!

The (my)Fitness Pal app for androids, is a handy app right on your smart phone that helps track calories and exercise.

Like any other fitness app, first, you will sign up with your account, fill out your profile, etc and based on your info, it figures approximately how many calories you should intake daily.

Each meal, you can track, what foods you are eating.  Simply click on the "Add to Diary" button From there you have several options. You can add to a meal, to your work out, or even your water intake.  To Add to the meals you can hit the scan button, and directly scan your products barcode and instantly add the product and it will deduct the calories.  If the product is not listed, you can simply type it in to find it; or even add the product manually.  At the end of the day, finish tracking everything and everything will be put on a graph for you to see your accomplishments through out the week.

At the end of all this, it will also give you an estimated time of "If you continue to eat like this daily you will lose x amount of weight in x time."

Also, if your friends have this app you can all connect!

Over all, I use this app probably more than any of the other fitness/diet/weightloss apps that I have on my phone.  It's quick and easy to use!