Friday, April 6, 2012

Egging Fun, No Spill Style

Tired of decorating Easter Eggs and dealing with the mess? Never fear the No Spill System is here!

This no spill system, is quick and simple all you do is put the base and lid together, add water, put the color tablet in, and add the egg; Shake Shake Shake and Viola, your egg is, for the most part, colored!

My youngest daughter is two, and she was able to color her eggs on her own.  She had so much fun!
the egg is dropped in

Aisha demonstrates how to properly shake and color the eggs
When you pull the eggs out, some of the colors really don't take to well to the eggs, so If you prefer to have bright vibrant eggs, add a little vinegar to the coloring and you will have success!
Claire is as happy as can be with her yellow eggs

Daegan, he has a green thumb

Skylar loves doing her pink eggs

There was only one downfall that I did find about this no spill system, and that is the fact that for the most part, you can only do your eggs one solid color, if you stick solely to this one egg decorating kit.

our lovely eggs
Other than that, everything else worked out perfectly! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that likes to be as mess free as can be!