Wednesday, March 21, 2012


So while this blog is mainly about me doing reviews and a few giveaways, I feel that it is appropriate that I occasionally write a post here and there about myself so that my readers can get to know the person behind the reviews.

My name is Jennifer, I just got married (for the second time) in July 2011.  The wedding was a disaster, I wouldn't recommend doing a July outdoors unless there is shade! Other than that, everything that could go wrong did go wrong...oh well Cest la vie.  I am a mother to four wild children!! Ahhhh! One boy and three princesses ages 5,4,3,2, no I am not showing you that I know how to count backwards either!  :)

Currently I am a cook/waitress/does everything else too at a retirement home.  I dislike my job sometimes, love the residents that live there, totally like my family away from family. I definitely see them more and lucky me I get to spend holidays with them as well.  The unfortunate thing is, like I said, I am a cook....and that means...I want to eat everything in sight.  Now, I am trying to lose about 30 lbs, which is sooo not happening as long as I am in that kitchen.

So, how does one get away from eating that much?  Well, I am excited to say that yesterday I started the application process to attend cosmetology school; and today....I went in, took the tour, fell in love, took the test to see if I had the qualifications to attend; one hour later I was signing my paperwork stating that I have been accepted.  It was amazing, the moment I walked in everyone was complimenting my hair and everything...It reassured me that my HUGE hair mess up, turned out to be a success ♥

Starting June 18th I will be done with Food Service, and playing with hair and make up.

I am ecstatic!

Anyways thanks for taking the time to read this!
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Upcoming Reviews
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Smiley Cookies: A cookie company that delivers cookies to your door!  There will be a code given that will allow you to get a discount on a cookie delivery! Expect this Review within the next several days!

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